Ontario is predominantly a French speaking province and Toronto, its capital city is at the heart of a rich French culture that permeates through the day to day life of the Canadian people. But nowhere is the French culture so strong like in their cuisine. Some of the Toronto French restaurants worth a mention include;

  • Auberge du Pommier

With a rich history that goes back to the 1860s this restaurant is a firm favourite for business lunches in Toronto. Despite its modestly small size Auberge du Pommier has a very remarkable menu that ranges from the foie, Scallops and octopus, duck entrée and bombe au chocolat among its main attractions.

  • Le Select Bistro

A classic Parissian bistro that is a favourite of many diners who live for the Francophile cuisine. Albert Ponzo, who is the head chef is renowned for exciting dishes like steak frites, boudin, bouillabaisse among others. The prices might be a bit high but a visit there is worth every dime.

  • Batifole

You cannot mention Toronto French restaurants and leave out Batifole, the real specialists of Gallic cuisine, located at 744 Gerrard Street East, Batifole is reasonably priced and the dishes are beautifully executed, not to mention their intelligently sourced wines. Some of their classic dishes include the cassoulet and fish stews.

  • Alo

The most outstanding feature of Alo is the space. Its huge interior is a marvel to gawk at, and what’s more, they are among the fewest restaurants in the area that offer a multi-course meal at very low prices.

  • Jacques Bistro du Parc

Located in Yorkville, Jacques Bistro du Parc is a small restaurant that has been operational since 1978 and through that time they have maintained the standards of providing exquisite French dishes to its loyal diners. Although their prices are high they do serve food that will make anyone forget the pinch in their wallets.