Edmonton, the capital of the province of Alberta is home to magnificent restaurants. With a population close to a million, this city has a love for fine dining and has an ample supply of food spots. The top 10 restaurants in Edmonton are:

  • The Crepérie

Its brick walls, soft lining and ambient music combine smooth music with its first class meals. The Crepérie is located at 10220 103 St NW and opens on all days except Mondays.

  • Wild Tangerine

Run by siblings, Wilson Wu and Judy Wu the Wild Tangerine combines its eclectic food with a delightful by-the-glass wine list to give an unforgettable eating experience that is wrapped in a breath-taking décor.

  • Mikado

This is Edmonton’s first and oldest Japanese restaurant that specialises in Japanese cuisine like the famed bento boxes, sushi, chicken yakitori, salmon teriyaki among others.

  • Culina

With an outstanding array of dinner options on their menu, Culina became a hit with the Edmonton locals from the day it opened. Its biggest strength is its casual budget that allows people to have fine dining at very affordable rates.

  • Ban Thai Restaurant

With a traditional Thai cuisine, Ban Thai has been around since 1991 and this longevity attests to their good food that transports diners deep into Thai culture with every bite.

  • Lux Steakhouse and Bar

A modern styled restaurant modelled in a New York City fashion. Its main menu is the classic steak that comes ladled with delightful accompaniments that will leave the taste buds begging for more.

  • Red Ox Inn

Herb based meat dishes make the Red Ox Inn a favourite of many in Edmonton. The dishes range from Pork to beef to venison and so much more accompanied by a good wine list.

  • Ziveli

A Greek themed restaurant that serves traditional Greek and Balkan dishes that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Harvest Room

A true Canadian restaurant that specialises in local cuisine derived from almost all the provinces in Canada.

  • Gini’s Restaurant

Deservedly in the top 10 restaurants in Edmonton, it specialises in French cuisine and has been around since 1990.