The Michelin Guide has for a century been very important when it comes to selecting the best restaurants in any part of the world without having to go through the arduous hassle of trying each and every one just to determine the one that tickles your fancy. Through its very extensive methods of grading restaurants, the Michelin Guide has become the number one standardisation authority when it comes to restaurants.

Getting a 3 star from Michelin is the epitome of success. But for some unknown reason, the Michelin Guide has been snubbing Canadian restaurants for years now. Canada is not known for having a clearly defined and original form of cuisine, so this could be one of the biggest reason why Michelin Guide has been avoiding rating their restaurants, since it is an organisation that lays a lot of emphasis on cuisines. No Canadian based restaurant has made the top 50 list for years now, with many in the gourmet world assuming Canada is a lost cause, so much so that they do not even send inspectors there.

Things however, have thawed a little since the visit by Anthony Bourdain, who made a film about Canadian food that more or less opened up the Canadian food scene to the world. This was proved later when Michelin representatives made a rare appearance at an exclusive food fest that featured some of the best chefs Canada had to offer. This was a step in the right direction for all the stakeholders in the Canadian food scene since such recognition from a powerful authority like Michelin can only bring good tidings for them all. This recent development gives a lot of positive hope to the many underrated restaurants in Canada that are itching to be pitted against the best restaurants from other parts of the world