Fine dining is part of life in every major city in the world. There are millions of restaurants spread across all cities in the world that cater to the people’s needs for exquisite and refined dining. Some like Celler de Can Roca in Spain are world renowned. Canada has many major towns, and among them is Ottawa which boasts quite an impressive list of notable restaurants, some of the best restaurants in Ottawa include:

  • North & Navy

Located along Nepean Street, this is a modern Italian restaurant that has elevated Italian cuisine in Ottawa to levels never seen before. It has a merry-like ambiance with a good view of the kitchen, meaning you can see the whole process of food preparation as you wait.

  • Datsun

No correlation whatsoever with the car brand. Datsun became an instant favourite with the locals from the day it opened its doors in 2015. With its Asian cuisine specialty Datsun is quite different from the other restaurants since it does not take reservations, they however compensate for this with their swift services. They never keep people waiting.

  • The Pomeroy House

Located on 749 Bank Street, this is a neighbourhood kind of a restaurant that is a favourite with people who love to dine in the company of their friends and colleagues. Run by Rich Wilson and Lindsay Gordon, The Pomeroy House has a specially crafted menu that will make any diner feel at home.

  • Riviera

You cannot mention Ottawa restaurants without mentioning Riviera. Situated along the grand Sparks Street, Riviera is run by Mathew Carmichael and Jordan Holley. It’s softly lit setting and music filled ambiance flow hand in hand with the delicious meals that get whipped up in their kitchen. If you are out for a surprise this is the place to be in Ottawa.

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