Toronto is, without doubt, the most famous city in Canada and this is for good reason. Most of Canada’s giant conglomerates are located there and through time this concentration of important business enterprises in the city has attracted more and more businesses and people. One of the businesses that have thrived on the back of this is the restaurants and Toronto is home to some of the best in Canada. They include


An Islamic themed Syrian restaurant that specialises in dishes that are in line with traditional Muslim regulations, Halal. Located on 75 Dundas St W Reyan boasts of dishes like fattet hummus bez-zeit which is hummus thinned to a soup and frothed and served in a big bowl teaming with peas and other ingredients.

Grand Electric

The best place to go for tortillas with arbol chicken as well as Florida shrimp with habanero gastrique. All these are served in a restaurant that is filled with 90’s Hip-hop booming softly from the speakers.

Imanishi Japanese Kitchen

A Tokyo styled Japanese restaurant that offers teishoku which is a meal set consisting of curry rice, miso pork belly and boiled eggs. It is a favourite for diners who have a love for Japanese cuisine that is usually quite hard to handle by an amateur cook.

The Black Hoof

This is the establishment that put Toronto on the world food map. It serves what it loves to call Thoughtful food in a rock-n-roll atmosphere coupled up with impeccable and swift service, no wonder it is a hit with many locals of Toronto.

Rhum Corner

A Haitian themed restaurant located on 926 Dundas Street West that has hypnotizing lights in the interior that makes the atmosphere perfect for their delicious meals that include frozen piña colada and negroni, Haitian rice and beans, malanga fritters, fried plantains and Oxtail, the best part? Ample space that can allow one to engage with friends in a game of poker after a satisfying meal.